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St-Imier 2021
July 9 - August 10
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July 8 - August 9
Thursday, November 5, 2020
St-Imier 2021: 150 years commemoration of the Jura Federation and the Circulaire de Sonvilier
The St-Imier gatherings in July 2021 will be commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Jura Federation and the Sonvilier Circular.

The Jura Federation formed in 1871 as the first explicitly anti-authoritarian workers association, taking a stand against the authoritarian and centralised strategies and practices of the 1st International's general council, most specifically embodied by Marx and Engels. The Jura Federation met in Sonvilier to draft a circular expressing this fundamentally different view, emphasising that the free society we strive for can not be achieved through centralised and authoritarian power. Instead, it needs to be manifested by creating structures and practices that faithfully mirror our principles of freedom and autonomous federation.
The following year, in September 1872, many sections from other countries, which agreed with this anarchist vision, joined the Jura Federation for the congress that led to the creation of the famous Anti-authoritarian International of St-Imier, completing the split from the Marxists.

Similarly, during the St-Imier 2021 gatherings we will be working together on projects that lay the ground work for our contribution to a larger event that is being planned for July 2022. That year, several international anarchist organisations will be inviting together to a larger conference commemorative of the 1872 Anti-Authoritarian congress.

Of course, the workshops we organise in this context, both in 2021 and 2022, will not just be celebrating the historic context, but will be forward looking. They will be following through with practical steps for manifesting a transformed society, locally and internationally.

So, save these dates:
28-31 July

And check back here for more details on the program for next summer or join the St-Imier gatherings mailing list.

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