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Thursday, August 2, 2012
The Transformation Project
Over the past month, Richard has been working on the way in which he intends to move forward, resulting in The Transformation Project.

This project is motivated by the belief that a much better world is possible. A world where society is in balance with nature, rather than destroying nature. A world organized around what people need and want, rather than around creating wealth for the few. A world in harmony rather than a world plagued by conflict and war. A world where people have a real voice in how their societies operate.

This project is also motivated by the observation that the current systems of society cannot be fixed. A better world calls for a whole new way of organizing things, making decisions, allocating resources, dealing with economics, etc. We need a total transformation of society: a whole new operating system for Spaceship Earth.

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Slides: Real Democracy: the Means are the Ends

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