St-Imier 2020
Friday, October 24, 2014
Invitation to the 2014 "Beau-Sejour" gathering, November 21-23 in St-Imier, Switzerland
This years Beau-Sejour gathering will follow up on the results of the previous years and the calling topic will be...

"Finding the Seed for the New System"

During last years gathering, one central topic that emerged was how the workings of current democracy, finance and civil society are all heavily influenced by a single defining pattern, circling around the way money is created.

This pattern defines the evolution of virtually all aspects of our current societies. This year, we will be searching for new patterns, which can encourage the growing of the new in the shadow of the old.

This years Beau-Sejour gathering will for the first time be taking place on the La Décentrale property up on Mont-Soleil, above St-Imier.

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