St-Imier 2021

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St-Imier 2021
July 9 - August 10
St-Imier 2022
July 8 - August 9
Wednesday, June 17, 2020
St-Imier 2020 gatherings, June 25 - August 28

Note: Spaces for participation are limited due to Corona SARS-2 restrictions! To request an invitation:

Initiatives of Change, June 25 - July 15

You have the opportunity to join us at the Décentrale on Mont-Soleil to participate in the Caux Forum. Every participant will be able to follow the conferences at their own pace online as they wish: in a small group in the salon, in the garden or alone in a room. Additionally, you will together with the other participants be able to share, discuss during meals and along walks in the nature or in the evening with a cup tea at sunset.

25 June: Lifelong learning for a resilient economy

26 June: A moral renewal in the economy

1 July: Anticipating the security risks of land degradation and climate

2 July: Community Action: entry-point to holistic solutions

3 July: Climate Finance: catalyst of holistic solutions

4 July: Open Space and Initiatives Fair: showcase your solutions

9-15 July: Creative Leadership, Together for Change: for everyone who wants to be active in making change in society

Fair Ecosystem Gathering, July 17 - 31

Topics: Manifesto for a fair ecosystem. Update and consolidate fair ecosystem tools and webpages. Permacircular economy. Degrowth. Worker cooperatives. Mutual credits and basic income. Re-energize local group activities. Curating a translocal toolbox. Governance of the commons.

Description: During this meeting we will meet every morning to organize working groups on the different topics. Then the built groups will be able to work on the agreed tasks. Where possible, we will invite people who can make input presentations and organize other events so you can recharge your batteries and also have fun.

Accommodation: We will intentionally live a simple and sustainable lifestyle in the old art-nouveau villa on Mont-Soleil. There are workshop rooms, kitchen and social living space in the house. There are also dormitory rooms with beds, blankets and pillows. The space is vegan, so will be the meals. All participants are in charge and have to help with cooking and cleaning tasks.

Language: We will speak English in the working groups. The people of the hosting community speak also German and French.

Requirements: Agree to the house conventions of the Décentrale:

Description of the cooperative: This fair ecosystem meeting is organized by FairEcosystem people at the Décentrale. The Décentrale is a cooperative and stands for transformation of the society towards self-organization, self- empowerment, cooperation, sustainable green development, free education, fair economy, grassroots governance, and created the Synergiehub for that purpose. Therefore all Synergiehub projects, workshops, work camps and other gatherings at the Décentrale are aligned with these values. You can find more information on our wiki:

Price: The usual contribution for a stay at the Décentrale is 20 CHF or Fairo per day ( Food costs will be shared among participants.

Participate: If you would like to participate, fill out the following form to request your stay:

Implementing Democratic Confederalism, 1-7 August

A conference program that continues our work on translocal governance and the development of a Confederation Without Borders.

You can request an invitation by filling out this form:

SCI Wikipedia Camp, 8-18 August

Sign up on:

Democratic Confederalism Retreat, 20-28 August

Special training for a closed group

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