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Anarchy 2023
July 19-23 2023
Monday, July 3, 2023
Response to Renversé article about Anarchy 2023
Renversé wrote an article about the upcoming Anarchy 2023 gathering.

Since that article contains a bit a lot of picking on me, here some rebuttals from my side:

  1. I don't consider myself libertarian, also not by the definition the authors seem to go by, but I admit that I think there are worse insults.
  2. Regarding natural law, in my view it implies that there is no freedom without solidarity. The authors of the article are hence barking up the wrong tree.
  3. Yeah, it is true that I am not big on decisions, I prefer agreement. When deciding, we leave a minority position unsatisfied. So, better to continue deliberating until there is agreement.
  4. I do think crypto, the technology, is important for being able to build resilient anti-authoritarian structures and for their decentralisation.
  5. Any money and other forms of accounting have in my opinion an inherent authoritarian drift. Where money or accounting can be avoided, it should be, including crypto.
  6. No, "A.S." is not my pseudo on telegram.
  7. Regarding Corona Sars-2, I do think it was used as an opportunity to advance a technocratic agenda. I don't think that opinion of mine had any significance in the organisation of the gathering.
  8. A correct definition of Presearch would be that it is a search engine that aims for total decentralization, privacy and free speech as well as to be owned, operated and governed by the community.
  9. I do recommend Odysee over Youtube, but also over Odysee and over
  10. Overall, I see AI as a danger to our ability of building resilience against domination, as it will be used for the ruthless automatisation of oppression, which is true for bots in general. So, I'm far from being an actual AI advocate, but I see AI as a tech for empowering the good as well.
  11. The list of references mentioned in the article is from project work I did "in a previous life" 20-30 years ago. Most of the quoted names were not "clients" but users of the same tech stack I was using.
I agree that Anarchy 2023 is a mishmash. It is a mishmash of a wide range of workshops that people felt was appropriate for such a gathering. To what extent that is true is subject to ones perspective. We can see this mishmash as a strength of the gathering, as it brings together many different perspectives. Sure, it can be fruitful to just go to the workshops we like. But it could be really fruitful to use the opportunity to talk about what unifies us across the different perspectives. That does not work if we just go to "the workshops we like". In each current of anarchism there is a danger for blindspots, where we can not see some authoritarian aspect of how we are organising. This gathering is a chance to point them out to each other. As long as what we do in each current of the movement is anti-authoritarian and solidary, what divides us is no threat.

Having said all that, there is good feedback in that article and it is never to late to still try to improve the organisation of the gathering in these regards.

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